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Social media: that’s the way to do it

Last week in London I was very disappointed with the hotel I was staying in. So when I logged onto to wifi and it automatically sent me to their Facebook page I posted a passive aggressive whine: “Don’t stay here”.

It wasn’t big, it wasn’t clever, but I wasn’t happy, so I posted and then thought nothing of it. Until I got a response from the social media team on Facebook – and it was a great response: it was timely, acknowledged my complaint, didn’t try to argue with me and opened things up for a conversation.

So I replied, we chatted and now, even though I still didn’t enjoy my stay, I’m happier about the whole situation and I’m not going to mention the name of the hotel here.

So well done social media team. You just need to make the hotel staff do their job as well.


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My Ex on Facebook

I know that this is a scary topic for many – the power of Facebook to allow us to stalk our exes, or even worse be stalked upon ourselves. Well, sorry to disappoint, but this post isn’t about that.

Instead it’s about the fact that thanks to Facebook I have a really good relationship with an ex of mine.

Of course many years have passed since we became exes and we’re both married with kids now and happily living our own lives. But without Facebook we would have completely drifted apart, never to speak again. Yet when you look at it, for a while at least, we were really good friends, as well as all the other stuff. It would be a shame if that friendship had been totally lost.

With Facebook we can send messages and comment on each other’s updates just like any other friend would do. In this way we know what is happening in the other’s life and we can be supportive and friendly in a really mature fashion – I know, I’m surprised too. We can also check out photos and see how much weight they’ve added, or how grey they’ve become (lots and very for me – much less and hardly at all for her dammit).

I’m not naive enough to think that this is a perfect post-relationship relationship and I’m sure that if we saw each other every day then it might be difficult to smile at the new partner and laugh at their child’s amusing stories. But Facebook allows us to ignore all of that.

This was sparked by a particular comment that was left for me on Facebook recently and it just made me smile and be grateful for the friendship – so thanks Angie and let’s stay in touch.

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