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An exercise in floating

I’ve not been for a swim in aaaaaggggeees (actually it was Friday with Sally) and I’m starting to panic about 2swim4life. So while I couldn’t make the early morning session today I thought I’d use the 10-11am lane swimming session to just get wet again.

The plan was to do 400m of drills, followed by a gentle mile. Hopefully all done and dusted within about 45 minutes and back to work.

It didn’t quite work out that way.

It turns out that the session only had two lanes set up (slow and medium) – normally it’s four, but those two lanes were full. There wasn’t much chance of a gentle swim as I would always be swimming behind someone, so I thought I’d just do drills – not the same distance, but a good session anyway.

I do my drills in the slow lane as they are very slow. Or at least I thought they were until I set off today. Even my slow, one-armed drills were faster (and I mean a lot faster) than some of the swimmers today. I actually spent most of the time trying not to move forward. Grrrr.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising the swimmers. They were polite and friendly and more importantly they were using and enjoying the facilities. My annoyance is with the leisure centre that didn’t advertise it was only a two-lane session. If they had I wouldn’t have gone. I certainly won’t go again at that time.

Then to top it off, on the drive to the office I had a couple of drivers in front of me who were exactly the same – you know, 40mph in a 60 mph zone.

And breathe….

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British Culture

Over the last few weeks there have been a few things running around my head about that I want to discuss. You may not be interested, but I’m going to write some posts about this stuff anyway.

There are three key areas of British culture that I’m no longer comfortable with; three areas that I think we, as a nation, need to seriously reconsider. Three areas that I think stop us being a great nation and stop the citizens of Britain from fulfilling their own potential.

They are:

– Drinking
– Driving
– Working

In all three cases I think we have got our cultural “norms” out of kilter with what they should be and I think we need to recalibrate those norms.

More to follow…

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Come the revolution

The other day my friend @wonky_donky and I were discussing who would be for the chop once he was king. At the time we were discussing charlatan social media “gurus”. Once @wonky_donky is king this will all change – and this is a revolution I could vote for (although I think I may have misunderstood the concept of revolution).

Anyway, it got me thinking, who would be lost to this world when I run the world. There would be a few:

– People who set off for a new lane, just in front of you. I mean just in front you, like JUST IN FRONT. You may be on a training plan, but maybe so am I – I’m just swimming further than you.

– Drivers that drive at 42 mph in a 60 zone, but at 39 mph in a 30 zone. Do I need to say any more?

– Masterchef. I don’t normally watch it, but I saw a bit the other night, is it always that pretentious, pompous and pointless?

Come the revolution, these would all be gone.

Don’t worry, they’ll be more to come. I have awoken a monster!

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