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More Arch to Arc

I’ve mentioned the amazing Arch to Arc challenge that someone I’m honoured to call a friend recently completed. Well, here’s some more.

I met Paul on the SwimTrek trip out to Mallorca and while I used that as the foundation to [badly] complete Windermere this year Paul was not only training to swim the channel, but run from London Dover before the swim and cycle from Calais to Paris after it – a combination of madness and extremely inspirational.

Anyway, during all the training and the challenge itself Paul had a photographer from Reuters follow him and take some amazing photos. Like this one:

You can read more about Paul’s journey (and Neil’s the photographer) here or here – and I urge you to do so.

– – –

Paul is listed as “the oldest person to complete the race” – he’s 49. Because I’m a bit crazy like that, part of me reads that and says, “right then, a target for my 50th!” We’ll see…


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Tri Hard Today

In about two hours time I’ll set off on a sprint triathlon:
– 400m swim
– 17.6km bike ride
– 5km run

After my disappointing recent swim I’m not setting any targets or aiming for a particular time – I just want to finish and enjoy it.

Considering I’ve not trained for the bike or run part it’ll probably be a bit tough. But nowhere near as tough as the Arch to Arc that a friend of mine is currently undertaking.

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Arch to Arc

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a friend taking on the immense challenge that is the Arch to Arc. As he describes it on his Just Giving page:

“I will attempt the world’s most difficult triathlon – The Arch to Arc.  I will run 87 miles from Marble Arch to Dover. Within 48 hours of beginning that run I will attempt to swim the English Channel solo. On completion of that I will then cycle the 180 miles to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.  It is a huge undertaking: You may think that an 87 mile run is a challenge but it pales into insignificance compared to the enormity of swimming the English Channel.  That is like climbing Everest with a fridge on your back! To date, only 13 people have completed the task –  one more than has stood on the moon. In September I will be the oldest person to attempt the Challenge at the grand old age of 49.”

It’s almost too much to even contemplate for us mere mortals.

Well, the challenge will start this weekend (weather dependent) and so this post is my way of wishing him good luck and pushing you to his Just Giving page – https://www.justgiving.com/PaulParrishArch2Arc/. There will also be a tracker that can be found on the Enduroman homepage and will be activated once Paul starts.

You can read about Paul’s training on his blog here.

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Arch to Arc

One of the guys I met on my recent training trip in Mallorca is clearly a bit mad – he’s signed up to do an absolutely crazy challenge called the Arch to Arc. I’ll let him describe it in his own words:

“The Arch to Arc is the world’s hardest triathlon.  It begins at Marble Arch on September 15th with an 87 mile run down to Dover.  I will then plunge into the sea and swim the 22 miles of the English Channel (this, in itself, is one of the world’s hardest swims).  If I get to Calais I will then cycle the 180 miles to the Arc de Triomphe.  Only 13 people have completed the event.  At the time of writing I will be the oldest person to have attempted this.”

You can see what I mean about being a bit mad. However, there’s a very good reason why he’s doing it:

I’m raising money for the wonderful charity at which I work, Aspire.  The people we help, paralysed by spinal cord injury, would love to have the privileges that we have.  I, in particular, count my blessings and see each day what a privileged life I lead.  Even contemplating the Arch 2 Arc is an honour.  I do hope that you can make all of this worthwhile for Aspire and also for me. “

Not only is this an amazing challenge, but I have a friend that has personally benefited from Aspire to help her rebuild her life after a terrible spinal injury. Please do support Paul here – http://www.justgiving.com/PaulParrishArch2Arc

And if you want to read more about his journey, then check out his blog.

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