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Phones for sale

I’m selling a couple of iPhones – do you want one?

2 x iPhone 4S 16GB in white – £125 each plus postage and packing in the UK.

They’re both phones I bought for a former business of mine that unfortunately has closed, so we don’t need the phones. They’re in excellent condition as they were hardly used – they were never used as phones, we actually bought them for the camera.

I could put them on eBay – and I’ve seen them on sale there for £175, but I’m not sure I want to deal with the risk of selling to a stranger. Or I could sell them through MusicMagpie – and I’d get £112.50 for them, but I think they’re worth a bit more.

So if you fancy a deal – let me know –

*This is open to UK residents only as I’m not posting abroad (sorry). It’ll be first come first served and I’ll ask for a deposit of £50 before I post, with the balance paid upon receipt. Obviously if we can meet up and do it all in one go even better.

I’ll add some photos of the phones shortly.

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Febathon Summary

I failed Janathon because I was ill, so I decided to try and do a solo Febathon. I may not have had the group support that Janathon so amazingly delivers, but I had my own steely determination. So how did I get on?

Actually, surprising well.

I only missed three days in the whole of the month – and they weren’t even days when life got in the way, they were just days when the steely determination waned.

The stats:

– Days of exercise – 25
– Seconds of planking – 400
– Number of press ups – 289
– Kms of swimming – 36.5
– Kms of running – 15.59
– Kms of cycling – 82.39
– Total #LETJOG14 count – 145.69kms

I have to admit, I’m pretty pleased with myself. Not only that, but I even managed to catch up on all the #LETJOG14 distance I missed in January, so after two months I’m now 2.3kms ahead of pace.

I know that I won’t let this slip in March (although I may dip a bit below February’s total) as I have a 10km swim booked in for the end of the month, so I need to keep it up until then.

However, the best thing about all of this is how I feel now. I feel stronger, fitter, faster in the pool and I have really enjoyed getting into this routine and seeing the results from it.

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Running in Barcelona

I must admit, I’m feeling a bit smug at the moment. I was out in Barcelona last week for a work do – this is a work do that normally involves a huge amount of work and possibly even more beer. This is a work do that normally breaks me. Yet this year I went out for a run twice. Yep twice.

It wasn’t far each time, but it felt genuinely good to be out there running. I’m almost starting to like it now.

The first run was on Sunday afternoon. We had arrived on the Saturday, so the Sunday was pretty much a free day. We pottered around for a bit, then mooched and then did a bit of relaxing. But after that heavy workload my colleague Kate and I actually went for a run. We were staying not far from Montjuic palace and the old Olympic park, so we set off there. We did just over 5.5kms at a very slow pace. And it was lovely.

So on Tuesday morning, as I didn’t have to be in the Congress until a bit later I set off again. I didn’t go quite a far this time, but I did go a bit quicker. And again it was lovely.

What I really love about this is that I actually wanted to go and thoroughly enjoyed it when I did. I’m almost starting to like this running lark.

Of course, I was also planning to go out again at the end of the week, but the show broke me on Thursday and I couldn’t face it and then Thursday night’s beer broke me for Friday. So there’s still a long way to go.



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Wow, read this – it brought a tear to my eye.

Tri Fatherhood

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

500,000 babies are born early every year in the United States. In 2008 you were two of them, Max and Kate. You were 10 weeks early.

That experience and the months preceding your birthare memories that mommy and I will carry with us forever. Sometimes we still wrestle with the hard times, but we’re trying to let go. For our family everything worked out and we eventually brought home healthy babies. It wasn’t easy though and there were days and weeks when the outlook wasn’t good. But we brought you home.

Not everyone is so lucky. A baby dies every :30 seconds from complications of prematurity. The thought is overwhelming.

November is National Prematurity Awareness Month. I wanted to do something personally to raise awareness. Prematurity affected my life. It shaped it in many ways.

I wanted to say thank you to the doctors…

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Argh. How can it be the case that after all this recent exercise I still haven’t lost any weight? I weighed myself this morning and if anything I’ve put on a couple of pounds.

Now this blog isn’t really about weight or losing weight. And I’m certainly not going to be posting videos and photos of me before and after weight loss, like Julia_B has done (although it’s well worth a read if you’re interested). What I’m more interested in are the challenges I’ve set myself. But of course these challenges started because I realised that I needed to lose some weight.

As I see it there are two big problems at the moment to me losing weight. The first is my very sedentary lifestyle – apart from the exercise I do I’m almost always sat down (usually at my desk), so I need to develop a routine to get up and move about a bit more – if nothing else it will help my posture and mental alertness I’m sure. The second is that I seem to think that when I return from a swim or a workout that I can eat whatever I like, ‘cos, well I’ve just burnt lots of calories haven’t I? I know what I need to do with this one – but it’ll be tough.

As it happens, I’ve picked a sport that requires a little bit extra body fat – you need to keep warm on the long swims. In fact my Grandad used to try and put on weight just before and during the swimming season and then lose it over the winter.

What I have noticed recently is a slight change in body shape. Shoulders and lats are getting stronger and bigger and that is creating a little bit of a taper effect down to my waist – it’s not obvious, but there are differences.

At present the plan is that while I’m still swimming outdoors not to worry about the weight – it was just a bit frustrating this morning – but once the season is over to try and follow my Grandad’s lead and lose a bit over the winter. Don’t hold your breath though!

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I love this idea!

Smilingldsgirl's Weblog


Previously on this blog I posted about Swimfests! This is an idea I cam up with last December to have a swim party with real swimming in it.  It is a casual event, just a fun time to relay and race and be a little goofy.  Today I helped put on our third Swimfest.  We get matching caps and I usually prepare a little goodie bag (part of the fun of it for me).

For the summer goodie bag I found a tie-die cap on clearance and then went to for some cool swim stickers.  I then added some blue candy and swedish fish to make it all tie in. I thought they were super cute and was inordinately proud of them. 🙂

Then my friend Kate put together a set (3 sets actually) and the 5 of us had a good work out for the…

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I love this photo.


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