Solidly built

One of the reasons for signing up to the million metre challenge is to try and help me lose some weight. I’ve tweaked my diet and so as well as eating better, I want to move more. I’m hoping the combination of those two will help me get trimmer.

To keep track of whether I’m on track I use one of the clever set of scales in the gym that breakdown your weight into body fat percentage etc. The plan is to step on that once a month and then not worry about the numbers at any other time. I want to use this monthly weigh in to keep me focussed, but not obsessed.

I was pleased with the February weigh in. I’d lost 2.4kg of weight and reduced my body fat percentage by 1.6%. So far, so good.

However, once I’d recorded the details I looked at the bottom of the print out I was given. I’d not noticed this before, but there is a section called ‘Physique Rating’ and mine was…

Solidly-built! Hmmmm…


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2 responses to “Solidly built

  1. Paul Parrish

    Veganism beckons……

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