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Update on Aspire

Last week I posted about the start of the Aspire Channel Challenge and the fact that I managed a big fat zero in terms of swimming.

Well this week was a bit better and I’ve finally started. I managed 5.25miles this week, so I’ve not quite made up for last week but it’s a good start.

And please do sponsor me if you can.

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Aspire Channel Swim

This week has seen the start of the first ever January Aspire Channel Swim.

The concept is simple – swim the length of the channel (22 miles) in your local pool over 12 weeks. I’ve signed up but decided to make a vow to double the distance, so I need to swim 44 miles by 22nd April. As a (slightly lapsed) swimmer I felt that I should be able to do that – I mean it’s a bit less than 4 miles per week.

Unfortunately for me, a combination of family issues, work and laziness meant that I’ve got off to a poor start and managed a big fat zero this week.

So, as I said, the Aspire Channel Swim starts next week…

And if you want to sponsor me for this you can do here.

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