I had a great swim last night.

It started by going to the gym – not a big strenuous workout, but I like to focus on the muscle groups I use for swimming. I don’t do big heavy lifting, but try to work through to fatigue on slightly lighter weights. But it’s always good to spend some time in the gym and I don’t quite do it often enough.

However, I timed my gym session so that I could follow it immediately with a pool session. At the moment I’m trying to do drills as much as possible, so that was the focus last night.

I got into the fast lane and there were two swimmers quicker than me already in there. I followed behind and tried to remind myself that this was just a warm up and a loosener after the gym session. So I concentrated on my stroke and a long pull and not getting out of breath. Despite all that I swam about 7:10 for the 400m warm up.

Although I wasn’t aiming for a good time I was delighted. It means that my natural pace is getting a bit quicker. And while it was only 400m (and therefore it’s not accurate for long distances) it should mean that I’ll be able to more easily cruise at a quicker pace over longer distances.

After the warm up I then did the following:

– 500m drills

– 200m swim

– 500m drills

My plan was to then swim a final 400m to round it all up to 2km and a good hour.

After a quicker warm up swim I thought I’d push it a bit in my final swim – hoping to match the warm up time. In the end I did this:

My first ever recorded sub 7min 400m swim. I’m delighted!


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