Life’s Frustrations

It’s only just dawned on me today that when I get frustrated about things – and people – in life, what it is exactly that annoys me.

It is when other people’s behaviour shows that they consider themselves to be more important than others. Of course, I get frustrated when that behaviour is shown to me, so then it becomes even more personal – that behaviour shows that they consider themselves more important than me! But it’s the fact that it is just generally selfish that bothers me, not [just] that I’ve had my nose put out of joint – honest!

There are two places that I seem to witness this the most and therefore get frustrated the most:

The pool
– Not allowing quicker swimmers to pass; chatting at the lane ends and blocking swimmers from turning; just poor lane etiquette in general and being in the wrong lane according to your speed in particular etc

The road
– Driving too quickly; overtaking with no regard for oncoming traffic – especially overtaking cyclists; parking across three spaces etc

Of course, there are other places too, one of the main ones seems to be how people talk to others on social media.

I’m sure none of this is groundbreaking new thought, but as I say, it became clear to me today.

There is of course the other type of person – usually the type that behaves as described above – who seems to get angry and frustrated at how unfair the world is when they are asked not to do exactly as they please and possibly put others first…



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2 responses to “Life’s Frustrations

  1. Paul Parrish

    Are you ready for my thoughts on why the roads and pools are similar? the pool and the car are very similar because you cannot see the expression and eyes of the person driving/swimming. This allows us to objectify and dehumanise which results in aggressive behaviour and a build up of resentment. I spent ages getting wound up by a guy in the pool here who was forever pushing off in front of me even though he was much slower than me (hard to believe, I know). I finally met him outside of the pool and when I could talk to him without our obscuring goggles and you couldn’t meet a nicer bloke. He’s still a pain in the ass in the pool, but now I know he is human and I don’t get anywhere near as wound up.
    Have you never got angry with a car driver only to find out it is a 70 year old sweet man who is taking life more carefully? That happens a lot to me and says a lot about me….lessons in humility..

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