A new sport…?

Last night I turned up at the gym planning to do about an hour on the bike before I went for a swim. 

However just as I was signing in a woman asked st reception, “is there anyone spare that could play badminton?” It turns out that they only had three players and needed a fourth. 

I’ve played badminton in the past, they were desperate so might not mind if I was rubbish, so I thought, “What the hell.”

In the end I was a bit rubbish, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m tempted to get my own stick and try and play a bit more. 

– – – 

My legs are stiff as hell today though. They’re clearly not used to all that lunging!



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3 responses to “A new sport…?

  1. I like to watch different sports during each Olympics. I’ve watched Curling and Ski Jump. During the last Summer Olympics I watched Badminton. It was an amazingly fast game and seemed more like Ping-Pong than the lazy games we used to play on our lawn.
    I guess it is huge in Malaysia.

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