£20 to spend…

I’m still trying to recover from the outpouring of love and care that was clearly evident in this Xmas present I received.

Yay! The spirit of Xmas is alive.

Yay! The spirit of Xmas is alive.

It’s from people that should know better, but never mind. What it has done is put me in a bit of a quandry… what do I do with the £20?

I could just take it to the pub and spend it on drinks, but I do that with most of my other money, I’d like to do ‘something’ with this. However, I’d like to do something that isn’t really for me, call me perverse, but I don’t want to benefit from this £20. And the final stipulation is that it must be this very note that is used (so an online donation is out).

Thinking caps on please… what do you suggest?



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3 responses to “£20 to spend…

  1. laurawelsh

    Is there some kind of local kids swimming charity that could use it for equipment?

  2. On a really cold/wet day buy a copy of the Big Issue and tell the seller to keep the change. It will make his day especially if it’s breakfast or lunch time.

  3. Keep it in your pocket or wallet and when you are approached by a Big Issue seller take 2 minutes to talk to him or her. Ask what their plans, hopes, maybe even their dreams are and then either buy a copy (always a good thing to do and often a good read too for £3) or if you wish to support that person on their road buy a copy and leave that £20 note too. Good luck with whatever you decide and Happy New Year. See you in the water somewhere.

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