That went well…

… in fact it went very well.

Yesterday was #TieForHelena day. It was done to show support for someone who was attacked just for wearing a tie. We wanted to tell homophobia to get knotted. There was one hell of a response from people.

See all the Twitter #TieForHelena posts here.
See all the Facebook #TieForHelena posts here.

There were a number of news stories, articles and blogs written on this:

The Telegraph

We had people wear ties with shirts:

Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.51.04 Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.51.22 Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.51.32

And people wear ties without shirts:

Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.53.40 Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.53.51

And bow ties:

Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.55.23

We had people in offices wear ties:

We’ve had swimmers in ties:

Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.56.31 Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.56.40

And non-swimming swimmers:

Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.10.36

We even had teddy bears:

Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.11.12

And babies:

Screenshot 2015-12-15 21.18.53

But most importantly – and this was the main reason for #TieForHelena, to show Helena that we are all supporting her and want her to have the confidence to wear a tie again after the attack – we had Helena herself wearing a tie:

Screenshot 2015-12-15 22.02.08


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