Day 8, Mile 8

So far so good and I’m sticking to my mile a day plan.

Mile 6

Mile 6 was an open water swim near Kings Lynn which I’ve blogged about separately here. It was longer than a mile (and actually longer than I was expecting – I swam 7.3km), but I’m only counting a mile towards the Aspire challenge.

Mile 7

I had to use the local pool ‘Get Out of Jail’ card again on Sunday. Looking after a poorly son for the day meant that I didn’t have time to travel anywhere else before they closed the pool for the day. I know that my local pool has an 8pm lanes session, so I went along there. Again though, I forgot the post-swim selfie.

In the rules, I had allowed myself up to 3 swims in my local pool if life got in the way – so I now have one left.

Mile 8

This morning saw me leave my flat relatively early and drive through the countryside to a nearby village to swim in the Dukeries Leisure Centre. Like many are nowadays, it’s a leisure centre that’s attached to a school and inside the centre it has the feel of a school from the 70s/80s. People my age will know the feeling of the hardwood floors of the school gym and for some reason the endless corridors. That’s what this felt like.

The whole place was a little shabby, but clean and cared for and somehow more ‘real’ that some of the shiny, modern leisure centres around. The pool itself was just 20m, but with three quiet lanes roped off it was a great place to just get my head down and swim.

I have to admit, I enjoyed it this morning. Just another 14 to go.

Outside Dukeries Leisure Centre in the rain.

Outside Dukeries Leisure Centre in the rain.

And I’m still looking for more sponsorship if you can spare a couple of pennies – please sponsor me on JustGiving.


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