The best and the worst so far

I’m only five miles into the Aspire Channel Challenge so far, but the last two days have seen the best and worst swims so far.

The Best

After just one of those days at work yesterday – you know the sort, nothing bad, but it just felt like hard work – I went to the Lammas Leisure Centre in Sutton, about 15 minutes from the office.

As I arrived just before 7pm the place was heaving. The car park was so full people were parking (neatly and sensibly) in spaces next to the marked bays. Lots of kids were leaving the centre having done club sessions of one sort or another and it just look like a hive of positive activity. Already I felt cheered.

Lane swimming was just an hour from 7-8pm and as it turned out it was only two lanes with aqua aerobics sharing the pool. In my local pool I’d have tutted at this and already planned just how much my workout would be affected, but I put on a brave face and went for it anyway. There were about 20 people in the aqua aerobics class and about another 10 sharing the swimming lanes. The swim didn’t start well as just as was pushing off for my second lap a very slow swimmer set off directly in front of me and forced me into very slow breaststroke – despite me choosing the lane marked as the fast one of the two.

But after that it got much better. It didn’t get any less busy, but the stars seemed to align. I swam well, people were respectful, the water was lovely and it was, all in all, a great experience. I got out MUCH happier than when I got in.

Lammas Leisure Centre

Lammas Leisure Centre

The Worst

This morning I had to use one of my ‘local pool joker cards’ as my son isn’t very well. I had planned a swim at a new pool in Nottingham, but instead needed to be quick and back to work from home supervising his sitting on the sofa watching TV.

I thought that I was a creature of habit and that I’d love to be back in my ‘home‘ pool. But not today.

Nothing was really wrong and no-one is to blame, but this morning just felt like a bit of a slog. I’ll be honest, if this is the worst of the 22 swims then I’ll be doing really well, but it’s the worst so far.

And I even forget to take a selfie afterwards.


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