Aspire miles 2 and 3

Miles two and three were actually only about 10 hours apart.

Mile two was a late night session last night at Southglade Leisure Centre. A nice modern pool with about 6 lanes marked out. Although they weren’t marked for speed there was one lane with a single, quickish front crawler in when I got there, so I joined him. The pool was shallow at one end and even shallower at the other, with no real deep end. But it was nice, clean and I had a lovely evening swim.

Southglade last night

Southglade last night

Mile three was early this morning at Rushcliffe Leisure Centre. I used to live round the corner from this centre and this is where I started swimming again, although only as occasional exercise and long before I decided to swim in open water. I had remembered that it was only a 20m pool, but I hadn’t remembered how inappropriate it was for lane swimming. The swimming part of the pool is joined onto a ‘fun’ part and is separated by a lane rope. On top of that it’s curved on the sides and only has three lanes marked. The people in my lane (nominally the fast lane) seemed to have chosen it as it was the widest, rather than their swimming speed. So 80 lengths and a lot of dodging of slow breaststrokers.

I’m glad I don’t have to use this pool as a regular training pool, but it’s funny how times change. As I was swimming I remembered how I came home from a previous swim there delighted that I had swum 40 lengths (800m) non stop!

Rushcliffe this morning

Rushcliffe this morning


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