Well done Bradley #MyHour

He did it. 54.526km in an hour on a push bike.

I didn’t realise I could watch it, assuming it would only be on one of the subscription channels that I don’t subscribe to. But it wasn’t, and I could, so I did. And I loved it. And so did my son. We both got hypnotised as the lap counter grew and the average speed dropped (only very slightly) and we imagined just how much the grimace was growing.

But now it’s over and he’s done, so what’s next?

Then I was reading Twitter and came across this tweet by a journalist who had attempted the same hour challenge (Bradley passed his distance after 47 minutes). So of course it made me realise that I wanted to have a go at it.

I wonder how many leisure centres or cycling clubs or even personal trainers are taking this opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and offer people the chance to see how well they could take up the challenge? How far could I go? How quickly would Wiggins has passed my distance? Could I have even managed what he did in 30 minutes?

In face if my local leisure centre arranged for me to book an hour on one of the bike machines, then a couple of dedicated coaching sessions (maybe one on technique, one on general fitness) then another hour a month later – well, I’d jump at it and pay them actual money.


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