Need a Tent

Has anyone got a tent I could borrow?

Ideally I need 2 or 4 person tent that I can use for storage, shelter and possibly a quick nap during the 2swim4life event. I’d rather not buy one as not being a camper I suspect that I wouldn’t ever use it again. Do you have one I could borrow?

Do you have a tent similar to this one available from Amazon?

Do you have a tent similar to this one available from Amazon?


Love the internet, love the kindness of strangers (and some friends).

Looks like I’ve now got a tent sorted and possibly some in reserve if need be. Thanks to anyone who read this and said to themselves “I wonder if we’ve got one of those…”



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3 responses to “Need a Tent

  1. Howdy
    2swim4life sounds like a mammoth undertaking! Where are you based? I have a spare tent that I’ve never used that may do the job nicely.


    • It is a mammoth undertaking and I’d be lying if I said I was feeling no fear about it.
      That’s really kind of you, but I think I’ve found someone locally who is willing to lend me one, but I may come back to you if that falls through.

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