Enoch Tarder

This weekend it was the BLDSA‘s annual dinner and AGM, so I went along. It was a great weekend.

The do was held up in Ellesmere Port, so after a lunchtime swim in the pool I set off up there. Once I’d got to the hotel I had time for a quick shower and to scrub myself up.

Scrubs up well

Scrubs up well

Unfortunately I didn’t have quite as much time as I thought (mainly because I hadn’t read the ticket details) and I got down to the dinner just as it started at 6:30pm – sorry all for being late.

The first bit of the evening was a review of the year – with awards handed out to some of the amazing swimmers and for some amazing swims. Well done to everyone, all fully deserved.

Then it was time to eat (and drink). I managed to do both!

Speeches followed the meal and as part of that we were treated to a great speech from Emma France about her amazing swimming year in 2014 – and the sneaky channel swim that she managed to do ‘under the radar’.

After the speeches we were let off the leash to socialise (drink) and chat – again I managed both quite well! While we were doing this another trophy was being challenged for – it’s called the Enoch Tarder trophy. It was inspired by a sadly missing former member of the association Maurice Ferguson. After his death the committee decided to create an award that honoured his spirit and the fact that he would swim with his glasses stored down the back of his trunks. The trophy goes to the person who can roll a pound coin closest to it over the course of the evening (the losing pound coins are collected and donated to Maurice’s favourite charity – UNICEF) and it actually an old pair of trunks and a pair of glasses sprayed gold and attached the a slate bed.

Receiving the trophy

Receiving the trophy

It’s clearly a matter of extreme skill and to be honest much harder than swimming the length of Windermere or Loch Lomond. Although nobody wants to admit it, this is actually the one trophy that everyone wants to win – but it can only go to one person and I think this year it went to a worthy winner – me!

After that, more drinking, chatting and making merry – until we all stumbled to our rooms at about 2am. A great night – thank you all.


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