The dream is over

I have finally decided that I can’t do the Coniston 14 run in a couple of weeks time. I’m supposed to be out for a long 2 hour run right now as I type this and I’m not…

The original plan was that I was going to run a 10k or two at the end of last year and so the training for the Coniston 14 would only be a case of topping up. That didn’t happen – injury stopped me. So instead of topping up my training I had to start from scratch this year – and I’ve just not had the time to get to where I want to be.

At the moment my life has three priorities which, in order, are:

– My son
– Work
– Swimming

Running comes just below that and can only ever be, at best, fourth on the list.

Since Xmas the top two have taken priority and although I’ve been out running it has been tough. The reason that I’m not running this morning is because having just come back from an industry event last week I’m excited to get back to the office to work on the leads that I gathered and keen to continue to progress existing projects for clients – I don’t want to ‘waste’ two hours (or more) running.

I did however take Friday off work, and then spent [nearly] the whole day swimming – a total of 9.5k over four different sessions as they keep opening and closing the lane swimming sessions. That was a great way to get my mind and body back into action and clear out all the effects of the industry show (lots of walking, standing, thinking and drinking!). It was also a great reminder that there is still a LOT of work to go before I can feel ready for 2swim4life, so again I want to focus on that and not run.

I’m pleased I’ve got this far with it. I’m pleased that I can run 10k plus – especially after the injury. But it’s unrealistic to think I can run 14 miles, so I’m going to have to withdraw.


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