Running Again

After my recent injuries I returned to running for the first time in WEEKS tonight. I took it gently and just did 3 minutes of running and then 1 minute of walking, all done on the treadmill after a gym session. Then when I got home I iced it for a few minutes just to be extra cautious.

But, and I don’t want to tempt fate, but so far, so good and it all feels fine. A few niggles, but no injury like there was before.

The reason that I want to get back into running is that I’ve signed up to a 14 mile run around the perimeter of Coniston and I’m very keen to do it. I love the Coniston swim and so this run sounds great too – although of course it’s going to be tough. What I don’t want to do is be pig-headed about it, set off on the event and then have to pull up half-way round, or possibly even worse continue to be pig-headed, complete it and damage my leg for weeks to come.

I’ll give it a few more sessions like tonight before I commit to it, but even at tonight’s pace it looks like I could do the distance in about 2 and a half hours, so as I’m not chasing glory on this one (or any event) it could be a goer. Wish me luck.

PS – I’m a bit annoyed as I’d thought about a clever / funny title and theme for this post when I was on the treadmill, but I’ve completely forgotten it now 😦



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8 responses to “Running Again

  1. Mo

    14 miles? Impressive! Nice one for getting back out there, hope your injury stays away.

  2. Wow – 14 miles. It will be a beautiful place to run.
    I like the way your training starts, it bears some similarities to mine. Good luck with the training

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