LetJog14 Update

I’ve mentioned this before, but this year I’ve joined in with an online group who are all planning to run from Land’s End to John O’Groats over the course of the year. And when I say run, they are using that distance as motivation for their training and want to cover the equivalent distance (rather than run those actual roads) of 1,460kms this year.

It has been great motivation for us all and it has been to good to keep in contact with everyone through the Facebook group. Some of course completed the distance very early in the year (and my even get all the way back to Land’s End), others will unfortunately miss out. For a few, me included, it was always planned to ‘just’ hit the target by the end of the year.

While most of the participants are runners, I did modify the details somewhat to fit in with my plans of primarily swimming. For every kilometre I’ve swum, I’ve multiplied it by 3; I’ve divided cycling distance by four and kept running distances as is.

Before illness and injury struck there was an outside chance that I could complete the distance at the end of November during a 10k I had entered. But the 10k had to be missed and so did the training for it. As of yesterday I was just over 56kms away from hitting the goal, but a good swim (x2) and a go on the bike in the gym last night means that I am now only 42kms away.

Will I get there before the end of the year?

If I could run (as well as swim etc) then I’d be confident of doing so, but my leg still isn’t strong enough to let me do many (if any) running kms before the end of the year. And I’m not a confident enough cyclist to go out and do much on wet and dark roads. So it’ll mainly be gym biking and swimming that will see me through and to do that I have to rely on the gym being open when I can train.

So… it’ll be close.

Current totals are:

– Swimming – 390.52kms (adjusted to 1,171.55)

– Running – 128.13kms

– Cycling – 471.27kms (adjusted to 117.82)

– Total – 1,417.50kms – left to go 42.50kms



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2 responses to “LetJog14 Update

  1. Yep. Doable. Now go do it, you know you want to 🙂

    • It’s certainly doable and it’s not a lack of desire to finish, it’s about managing logistics. Although I have to admit that some of those logistics are about working around some potential hangovers over the Xmas period!

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