Flag Alpha Bag

I was lucky enough to go over to Canada this summer. And as part of the trip I spent a few days in Halifax (I even had a swim there).

Halifax Farmers' Market

Halifax Farmers’ Market

One morning that I was there I went to the farmers’ market to have breakfast (I love going to places like that to see both the fresh, local produce and the local people). One of the stalls I saw had a really interesting selection of bags which caught my eye, but I carried on walking around.

On my way past again I saw that one of the bags had a Flag Alpha design on it, so I stopped and had more of a nosey around. I even got chatting to the stallholder and she explained that the bags were made out of old sails – making them incredible durable and also a great way to reuse the sails. It also meant that each bag is unique.

Immediately it occurred to me that to have a bag for my swimming kit that was a) made out of old sail and b) had a Flag Alpha design would be pretty special.

Unfortunately they didn’t have anything there and then, but I took a card and continued to think about about it more. I left for a few weeks after I got back, but in the end I decided to treat myself and got in touch and ordered one to be made and shipped. It has arrived today:

Flag Alpha Bag

Flag Alpha Bag

Details of the sail

Details of the sail

It looks great and will now become my new bag for swimming kit. So if you see me at the pool or lake over the next few months you’re likely to see it. It is also laptop size, so I might even take it to a few meetings too.

If you want one, get in touch with Windbag – www.windbagcompany.ca

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