I love you all

I have a genuine smile on my face this morning and as Lucy will tell – that’s rare!

Last night I mentioned again on Facebook and Twitter that I needed a buddy to be able to enter the 2Swim4Life event in May next year. In fact, after being prompted by a friend, I updated it to say that ideally I’m looking for a team of buddies, however I need to nominate one to be able to enter.

Well I now have a team!

People volunteered. People volunteered to help me. People volunteered to give up a weekend to stand in the cold (and possibly rain) to help me swim. I am genuinely touched and amazed and slightly overwhelmed.

I’ve said it before, but as a swimmer I couldn’t do these swims without the enormous support of the people behind the scenes. The people who are willing to row a boat or kayak alongside me as I swim; the people who are willing to organise the events themselves and put in the long hours to get it running; and the friends who are willing to support and humour me as I become a swimming bore.

Not only can I now enter the event, but it’s come at a time when I needed a boost. I have one and I’m smiling. Thank you.


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