Dover Advice

Just a quick post with some advice for people travelling to Dover to train or set off for a Channel swim.

Complementary toiletries

Complementary toiletries

Firstly, I’d heartily recommend Maison Dieu Guest House – it’s about a ten minute walk from swimmer’s beach (even when carrying a dry-bag full of damp kit) and the service and overall welcome was amazing. The hosts made the stay relaxing and easy and when I got back from the swim on my own they were quickly up to my room to offer a cup of tea and to find out how I’d got on. Really nice.

Mmmm carb loading

Mmmm carb loading

And I’d also recommend The Park pub just round the corner from the BnB. It looks a bit rough from the outside (and to be fair I suspect that it has some ‘lively’ nights at the weekend), but I went in three nights running to eat and the food was great and the service very friendly. A great place to go for a pre-swim carb-loading session.


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