Next Challenges?

Telling people that we’d completed our Channel Relay, the response from nearly everyone was: “solo next?” By that of course they mean do I want to swim across the channel on my own, without a team, swimming it all myself. And my answer has always been a resounding “NO!”

It’s not that I don’t want to, but I just can’t see a time when I could commit enough (money and effort) to completing a swim of that magnitude. I am in awe of the solo swimmers!

But I do want to do more swimming and face more challenges. But rather than swim further, I want to swim ‘more interesting’.

What I’d love to do is a series of [ideally global] swims that are iconic and interesting. Two on my list are the Escape from Alcatraz and Hellespont swims.

Can you help me out and recommend any more?

I’m also keen to do some presentations / speaking on the links between open water swimming and business. Please check out this link – – and if you know any business events that need speakers let me know. I’ve also written a couple of posts (here and here) for H2Open magazine and will hopefully do more soon.

Ok, self-promotion over.



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7 responses to “Next Challenges?

  1. Mel

    I loved Alcatraz. The event I did was run by Sharkfest Swim, but there are others. It was shockingly beautiful. I would love to do the Hellespont someday (I’m thinking about it for my 50th birthday).

    I taught a three-week class about swimming in May, and one of the students’ assignments was to research and give a presentation on an open water swim. I had them pick from the lists of swims in Open Water Swimming (by Steven Munatones). The Waikiki Roughwater sounds fantastic; this year will be the 45th year. The Midmar Mile is huge (30,000 people?) and for that reason I’m not sure that I want to do it, but it is a major swimming event. If I ever find myself in South Africa . . .

    I very much want to do the Big Shoulders in Chicago. I worry about preparing for it because I don’t get a lot of practice in cold water, but you do. Here’s their website:

  2. Lots of iconic swims/events and locations here in UK too. Without going too big in distance terms how about, CWSC Tooting Bec Jan 2015. 450m endurance. 2swim4life (relay), Guildford Lido April 2015, any BLDSA 5km event, BLDSA one way Coniston 5.25 miles,Curdle Door (Dorset Coast), fairey pool, Isle of Skye, Pier to Pier Isle of Wight etc., etc…. Enjoy choosing

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