Dover: Sights Unseen

The plan for today was to have a quick dip in the harbour with the Irish guys I met last night (hi guys!) and then spend the rest of the day seeing a few sights – mainly the castle.

However, I woke up this morning to a message that tells me that we might be swimming tonight or tomorrow morning (as opposed to Thursday which was the last info we had). So instead today will be spent resting (can you ever feel well rested enough), preparing my kit (probably a little over-obsessively) and of course panicking slightly! I’ll still have the dip though.

I wrote yesterday about the waiting and I’m fine with the just-hang-on-for-a-few-days kinda waiting. I can relax with that and not get too wound up by it all. I can cope with the mindset of “it’ll happen when it happens.”

But today is different, it now moves into the soon-really-soon-but-not-quite-yet kinda waiting and that’s harder.

It does mean that I don’t really want to go wandering around the castle – partly in case I get another call, partly to conserve energy and partly because I’m not sure I’d really appreciate it anyway.

Poor old Dover. It doesn’t have a lot going for it in the way of tourist sights, and even then hardly anyone gets to see them anyway!


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