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Three miles, two swims

Last night I wasn’t sure whether I’d go swimming today. I’d had a long day in London (and some great meetings), but by the end of the day due to a couple of personal things it felt like a tough day. Friday is my night down the pub with a few beers and darts, yet Saturday was the only day I could do a lake swim this weekend (we’re doing a charity bike ride as a family tomorrow). So should I go to the pub and relax and unwind and have a few beers, or should I be a little bit more cautious so that I can have a big swim in the morning?

I had decided to have the beers, but in the end once I got to the pub I only fancied a couple. It was a good night, good fun and great darts (no quality, just fun) and I just didn’t fancy any more beer. So I woke up this morning feeling fit and raring to go.

I set off and got to the lake for 10am got changed and went in – it was beautiful.

Today's swim

Today’s swim

On the drive up I got into my head the notion that I should follow up the lake swim with a dip in the pool back in the village. I’m not sure why, it just seemed like a good idea.

After 2 miles in the lake I got out, got changed and set off. A flask of tea in the car helped to warm me up [a bit] and I got back into the village just as lane swimming was starting.

The first few minutes in the pool were tough. I hadn’t fully warmed up and was shivering quite a lot and it didn’t seem like such a good idea. Fortunately however I did start to warm up and really enjoyed a relaxing mile.

So, three miles, two swims in 1hr 43mins.

Today's time.

Today’s time.



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Nottingham friends..

.. fancy a day out at Colwick Park? Are you free on Sunday 1st June?

Then you could come along and watch the BLDSA swim that is being held in the lake that day … oh, and I’ll be swimming in it.

It’s a 5km swim (so the winners will be finished in about an hour, I’ll be more like 1hr 40mins) and it’s due to start at 10am.

Hopefully I’ll see you there.

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Phones for sale

I’m selling a couple of iPhones – do you want one?

2 x iPhone 4S 16GB in white – £125 each plus postage and packing in the UK.

They’re both phones I bought for a former business of mine that unfortunately has closed, so we don’t need the phones. They’re in excellent condition as they were hardly used – they were never used as phones, we actually bought them for the camera.

I could put them on eBay – and I’ve seen them on sale there for £175, but I’m not sure I want to deal with the risk of selling to a stranger. Or I could sell them through MusicMagpie – and I’d get £112.50 for them, but I think they’re worth a bit more.

So if you fancy a deal – let me know –

*This is open to UK residents only as I’m not posting abroad (sorry). It’ll be first come first served and I’ll ask for a deposit of £50 before I post, with the balance paid upon receipt. Obviously if we can meet up and do it all in one go even better.

I’ll add some photos of the phones shortly.

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Cracking Bank Holiday

We’ve had a bank holiday in the UK this weekend – with another to follow at the end of May too – and I’ve had a great weekend. This is what I’ve done:

– Beer and darts on Friday
– Some retail therapy on Saturday
– A couple more beers on Saturday night
– A lake swim on Sunday morning – my first of the season – only a gentle 2km, but it was great
– To the gym on Sunday evening – including another 2km in the pool
– A bike ride with my son this morning
– An afternoon in the office this afternoon – and because I love my job, that was fun too

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Swimming Rule # 168

If you set off to the pool / lake in your costume then make sure you remember your underwear, otherwise you’ll be doing an unnecessary commando on your way home.

– – –

Fortunately I remembered this rule as I set off for my first UK open water swim of the year. I only intended to do a short swim, so the 2km I did was perfect. It was great to be in the lake again, to feel the sting of the cold water and the buzz of getting warm again at the end.

I wasn’t convinced I’d enjoy it and was a little nervous as I’d had a couple of beers last night and was feeling tired (both of which can cause the cold to affect me more). But once I got in it was great.

Roll on next weekend for another open water swim.


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Training Plan

Ever since I got back from Mallorca I’ve struggled to get back into my training. There are quite a few reasons for this, not least still suffering from sunburn after I got back. But a mixture of workload, personal life and very probably a subconscious feeling that I had done a lot of training while I was away and I wouldn’t need to worry for a while.

Well, a while is up and if I don’t start training again soon then I will need to worry. So I’ve finally got round to setting out a training plan for myself.

Training Plan

If you can’t read it, it says:

– Monday – Morning swim – session
– Tuesday – Gym
– Wednesday – Lake swim / Gym
– Thursday – nothing
– Friday – Morning swim – session
– Saturday – Gym & / or lunch swim
– Sunday – Lake swim

If I can maintain this plan for the next few weeks it should make a real difference and I’m sure I’ll really be able to capitalise on the work I did in Mallorca.  The only problem with this as a plan is that many Tuesdays and Wednesdays will have to missed due to work commitments (I often travel down to meetings in London on those days), while Saturdays may have to take a back seat to family stuff. Ah well, was ever thus. At least I now have a plan.


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Swim like a mermaid

I’ve just been sent this link by a good friend of mine – it’s for a Filipino sealife centre (Manila Ocean Park) that is offering the chance for people to learn to swim like a mermaid.

“It is a 45-minute program that features basic swimming, how to glide with a fish tail underwater and proper breathing techniques. The high elastic mermaid monotails are colorful, comfortable and easy to wear.”

It sounds… interesting. Check it out here – Mermaid Swimming

– – –

Actually, thinking about it I’m not sure whether my friend thought I might already swim like a mermaid, or would want to learn. Either way, I might reconsider the whole “friend” thing!

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