Quick workout

That feeling when as you push off for a new length you see the super fast swimmer in the lane next to you touch the wall, so you think “how long can I stay ahead of them for?” By halfway you’re thinking, “I must be flying this lap.” By three-quarters you start to realise that maybe they didn’t turn after all. That.

Well that happened to me this morning, but other than that it was a good swim. A quick(ish) 3.4km in a lane pretty much to myself.

I’ll get into the pool again tomorrow morning to do about 4.5km and then on Sunday it’s the Colwick Park swim, which is 5km.

I feel like I’m not quite doing enough, especially as a month today I’ll be on my way to Dover to get ready for the Channel Relay swim. But I’m doing as much as I can, so it’ll have to do I’m afraid.


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