Arch to Arc

One of the guys I met on my recent training trip in Mallorca is clearly a bit mad – he’s signed up to do an absolutely crazy challenge called the Arch to Arc. I’ll let him describe it in his own words:

“The Arch to Arc is the world’s hardest triathlon.  It begins at Marble Arch on September 15th with an 87 mile run down to Dover.  I will then plunge into the sea and swim the 22 miles of the English Channel (this, in itself, is one of the world’s hardest swims).  If I get to Calais I will then cycle the 180 miles to the Arc de Triomphe.  Only 13 people have completed the event.  At the time of writing I will be the oldest person to have attempted this.”

You can see what I mean about being a bit mad. However, there’s a very good reason why he’s doing it:

I’m raising money for the wonderful charity at which I work, Aspire.  The people we help, paralysed by spinal cord injury, would love to have the privileges that we have.  I, in particular, count my blessings and see each day what a privileged life I lead.  Even contemplating the Arch 2 Arc is an honour.  I do hope that you can make all of this worthwhile for Aspire and also for me. “

Not only is this an amazing challenge, but I have a friend that has personally benefited from Aspire to help her rebuild her life after a terrible spinal injury. Please do support Paul here –

And if you want to read more about his journey, then check out his blog.


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