Three miles, two swims

Last night I wasn’t sure whether I’d go swimming today. I’d had a long day in London (and some great meetings), but by the end of the day due to a couple of personal things it felt like a tough day. Friday is my night down the pub with a few beers and darts, yet Saturday was the only day I could do a lake swim this weekend (we’re doing a charity bike ride as a family tomorrow). So should I go to the pub and relax and unwind and have a few beers, or should I be a little bit more cautious so that I can have a big swim in the morning?

I had decided to have the beers, but in the end once I got to the pub I only fancied a couple. It was a good night, good fun and great darts (no quality, just fun) and I just didn’t fancy any more beer. So I woke up this morning feeling fit and raring to go.

I set off and got to the lake for 10am got changed and went in – it was beautiful.

Today's swim

Today’s swim

On the drive up I got into my head the notion that I should follow up the lake swim with a dip in the pool back in the village. I’m not sure why, it just seemed like a good idea.

After 2 miles in the lake I got out, got changed and set off. A flask of tea in the car helped to warm me up [a bit] and I got back into the village just as lane swimming was starting.

The first few minutes in the pool were tough. I hadn’t fully warmed up and was shivering quite a lot and it didn’t seem like such a good idea. Fortunately however I did start to warm up and really enjoyed a relaxing mile.

So, three miles, two swims in 1hr 43mins.

Today's time.

Today’s time.



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4 responses to “Three miles, two swims

  1. It looks beautiful. Was this a swim with or without a wetsuit? Either way, very brave. I’m hoping to make it to the lake very soon, but still very nervous.

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