Phones for sale

I’m selling a couple of iPhones – do you want one?

2 x iPhone 4S 16GB in white – £125 each plus postage and packing in the UK.

They’re both phones I bought for a former business of mine that unfortunately has closed, so we don’t need the phones. They’re in excellent condition as they were hardly used – they were never used as phones, we actually bought them for the camera.

I could put them on eBay – and I’ve seen them on sale there for £175, but I’m not sure I want to deal with the risk of selling to a stranger. Or I could sell them through MusicMagpie – and I’d get £112.50 for them, but I think they’re worth a bit more.

So if you fancy a deal – let me know –

*This is open to UK residents only as I’m not posting abroad (sorry). It’ll be first come first served and I’ll ask for a deposit of £50 before I post, with the balance paid upon receipt. Obviously if we can meet up and do it all in one go even better.

I’ll add some photos of the phones shortly.


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