Swimming Rule # 168

If you set off to the pool / lake in your costume then make sure you remember your underwear, otherwise you’ll be doing an unnecessary commando on your way home.

– – –

Fortunately I remembered this rule as I set off for my first UK open water swim of the year. I only intended to do a short swim, so the 2km I did was perfect. It was great to be in the lake again, to feel the sting of the cold water and the buzz of getting warm again at the end.

I wasn’t convinced I’d enjoy it and was a little nervous as I’d had a couple of beers last night and was feeling tired (both of which can cause the cold to affect me more). But once I got in it was great.

Roll on next weekend for another open water swim.



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5 responses to “Swimming Rule # 168

  1. A while ago I was traveling and swam at a place (a fancy health center) where there were signs in the changing room saying that you could buy underwear at the front desk in case you forgot yours. I thought that was a great idea. Who hasn’t forgotten their underwear at some point?

  2. Mo

    Haha, yep, we’ve all done it at some point!

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