Training Plan

Ever since I got back from Mallorca I’ve struggled to get back into my training. There are quite a few reasons for this, not least still suffering from sunburn after I got back. But a mixture of workload, personal life and very probably a subconscious feeling that I had done a lot of training while I was away and I wouldn’t need to worry for a while.

Well, a while is up and if I don’t start training again soon then I will need to worry. So I’ve finally got round to setting out a training plan for myself.

Training Plan

If you can’t read it, it says:

– Monday – Morning swim – session
– Tuesday – Gym
– Wednesday – Lake swim / Gym
– Thursday – nothing
– Friday – Morning swim – session
– Saturday – Gym & / or lunch swim
– Sunday – Lake swim

If I can maintain this plan for the next few weeks it should make a real difference and I’m sure I’ll really be able to capitalise on the work I did in Mallorca.  The only problem with this as a plan is that many Tuesdays and Wednesdays will have to missed due to work commitments (I often travel down to meetings in London on those days), while Saturdays may have to take a back seat to family stuff. Ah well, was ever thus. At least I now have a plan.



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4 responses to “Training Plan

  1. It’s good to have a plan!

  2. Mo

    Patrick, are you planning a certain distance per swim too, or is it more of a ‘see how I feel’ plan? BTW I can recommend few London pools, though it’s a pretty big place so your meetings may be many miles away 🙂

    • I’m planning to create a few different swimming training sessions (which I’ll post soon) and then pick one at random for each of my pool sessions. Each one will be about 4km in total. For the lake – it’s just a question of get in and keep going. I did my first lake swim yesterday and just did a gentle 2km.

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