What if Michael Phelps were an open water swimmer?

I wrote about Michael Phelps’s return to swimming the other day. In it I talked about Michael getting fat – cos I’m a deep and serious blogger like that.

However, if you wanted a slightly less serious* take on it all, then Simon Griffiths from H2Open has written a great post. He asks the question – how might things be different if Michael Phelps was an open water swimmer and reaches a disappointing conclusion:

“In short, his medal tally, and his net worth, would almost certainly be considerably diminished if he were an open water swimmer.”

So Simon goes on to make two very good points:

1 – The number of open water swimming events at the Olympics should increase to allow us to have highly decorated stars such as Phelps.

2 – Someone should get Phelps into a lake now he’s returning to swimming.

It would be great to see the additional profile for open water swimming if either or both of those happened.

*Simon’s post is of course very serious and very good and you should read it: http://www.h2openmagazine.com/blogs/what-if-michael-phelps-were-open-water-swimmer/


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