¡Vaya Idiota!

It was late on Sunday afternoon and I’d had a bad swim in that day – feeling very sick after the feed I was given didn’t agree with me. Not only that, but I could only find one shop open in the small town in Mallorca and I could already feel my skin getting sunburnt.

That’s my excuse anyway.

While I was out shopping I bought some moisturiser as I could forget to get some in the UK before I left. I could feel the sun cooking my skin and I knew that I had a lot more swimming to do, so I’d be in the sun for a long time that week. The only shop I could find open was a small general store, but they had a “health” section. So I studied the bottles. I didn’t want to get anything too scented and feminine – I just needed manly moisturiser!!

Now I’m no expert in Spanish, but I saw “Nutricion Intensa” and the Dove brand and it looked good to me. So off I went.

I spent the rest of the week applying it to the many areas of me that burnt – especially my back and shoulders, my face and behind my knees. Even with liberal applications of suncream my pasty white skin suffered the effects of sun, especially during the long six-hour swim we did. However, this Spanish cream didn’t seem that good and it was very sticky and hard for the skin to absorb. But I just assumed that it was a Spanish “flavour” and got on with it.

I carried on applying it once I was back in the UK as the sunburn and then peeling were really bad. More moisturiser can only help right?

That’s why it was near the bathroom sink and that’s why I was able to study the bottle again as I was brushing my teeth this morning. Today, for the first time I read the words “gel de ducha” underneath the intense nutrition stuff.

I’m still no expert in Spanish, but I think I’ve been liberally applying shower gel to my sunburnt body! It may not have helped the sunburn, but at least I was clean!

Gel de Ducha



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2 responses to “¡Vaya Idiota!

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  2. Indian

    Ha ha ha same thing is happened WD me. That is y searched on internet n found this article. Its stickiness n ‘Gel de ducha’ raised the question mark. Somebody gifted me this.

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