SwimTrek Day 5

This post is a summary from last week’s SwimTrek trip. As there was no [working] internet last week I’m posting these one week on.

– – –
The final day started with yet another swim. But this one was much shorter and much more relaxed. We met up before breakfast and wandered down to the beach and spent almost as much time taking photos as we did on the 15 minute swim we did.

A group shot just before the last swim of the week

A group shot just before the last swim of the week

It was lovely though. The water was beautifully clear again and it was a great way to start the day but end the week.

It brought the total swim time to the week to 14 hours for me:
– 1 hour followed by 2 hours on Sunday (although I’m only counting 1:45 for the second swim as I felt so ill I hardly moved for the last bit)
– 2 hours and 3 hours on Monday
– 6 hours on Tuesday
– 15 minutes on Thursday

My normal pool speed is about 21 minutes per kilometre, so if we assume that with the addition of feeding, the cold water and fatigue I slowed down to an average speed of 23 minutes per kilometre, which gives me a weekly total of 36.5kms.

That said, one of the things that I’m most pleased about from the week is the fact that I felt strong in the water for nearly all of it. I may not be that quick, but if I can keep steady then I’ll hit my targets. If I can maintain a pace of 23 minutes per kilometre for Windermere, then I’ll be getting home in around 6 and a half hours.

The rest of the day involved lazing by the pool, chatting, having lunch, getting to the airport, waiting, flying, driving home and then eventually sleeping!

Who is that swimming God?

Who is that swimming God?


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