I can’t do this anymore

After two long days in London I was so looking forward to my swim this evening. It felt important not just as a way to “wash” London off me, but it was the last swim before I go away next week. So it was important to me that it was a good one.

But it wasn’t.

After only a few minutes I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. I nearly stopped. It just wasn’t natural. I had to think about single element of it all, all the time. Nothing flowed. Nothing worked like it should. And I got fed up.

It did get slightly easier, but not much. I didn’t really enjoy any of it and I stopped after just 30 minutes.

I’m hoping it was the long days in London, the lack of sleep, the volume of work that is still to do – all playing on my mind and body and affecting.

I’m hoping it’s NOT actually that I can’t do this anymore, which is what my mind and body were telling me in the pool this evening.



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4 responses to “I can’t do this anymore

  1. Mo

    I have swims like this sometimes – nothing seems right, none of the lengths are fun, and no matter how long you go for, it doesn’t seem to get any better. But don’t give up. The next time you get in the water it will be so much better, I’m sure. You can do it!

  2. I am sure that you can still swim! You just swam a great 10K. You were tired and you had a bad workout. But you are going to get in that beautiful water in Spain, and it’s going to be terrific.

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