Viva Espana

I’m very excited – a little nervous – but mainly VERY excited.

Have I mentioned that I’m excited?

The reason? Well, next week I’m going to be swimming in the sea off the island of Mallorca for a week. Not only that, but it’s the first time I’ve got back into the open water this year, I’ll be with a group of like-minded nutters swimmers and we’ll all be being coached by the very qualified team from SwimTrek.

Can you see now why I’m excited? Oh, and it looks a bit like this:

I'll be swimming here next week!

I’ll be swimming here next week!

Of course it will mean A LOT of swimming – especially as most of the group are training up for solo channel attempts, but that which doesn’t kill us eh? (Although I am a little worried that it might kill me… but not a bad way / place to go).

This is all part of my training for my channel relay swim this summer, as well as the other swims I have planned (including Windermere). I’m hoping that I’ll add some endurance to my training that will set me up for the summer nicely; I’m hoping that I’ll get used to sea swimming that will help me on the channel relay and I’m hoping that a few bits of advice and tweaks to my stroke will help be to be more efficient in the water and therefore a bit quicker.

If you’re interested, then you can find out more details here. And I’ll tell you more when I get back.



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3 responses to “Viva Espana

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. also, a lot of work!

  2. Enjoy! SwimTrek is great!

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