Big week… Done

Last Monday I said that I was planning a big week of swim training last week. The plan was to swim 20km over the course of the week – all in training for the 10km swim I have this Sunday (Sunday 23rd at Ponds Forge).

A break down of the week from my Speedo app

A break down of the week from my Speedo app

Well, I did it – 20km swum. Here is how it broke down:

– Monday – 4km
– Wednesday – 5km
– Thursday – 2.5km
– Friday – 5km
– Saturday – 1.5km
– Sunday – 2km

Monday was an evening swim. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all morning swims before work. On both Wednesday and Friday I was in the pool by 7:05am and got out at 8:50am. Saturday was a quick lunch time swim – and then racing home to watch the second half of the England rugby match. On Sunday I did my usual evening routine of going to the gym for an hour, then a swim (I also went to the gym before Saturday’s swim).

I’m pretty tired now, but I don’t have any real aches and strains, so my body coped well with the swimming – which stands me in good stead for the 10km at the weekend.



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2 responses to “Big week… Done

  1. A very big well done for a very big week.

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