The power of #Febathon

So far I’ve done *some* exercise every day in February – that’s my Febathon pledge to myself. I nearly broke it yesterday though.

I’d had a long day in London and when I got back to my hotel room all I wanted was a quick shower and to go out and grab some food. Which I did, and I accompanied the food with a beer (although just the one). So it wasn’t until 11;30pm as I was about to get into bed that I remembered Febathon. As I was in London, the plan was always to plank and do some press ups (I rarely carry my running kit when I’m in London, and looking for swimming pools just seems like a bit too much hassle). But still, it was 11:30pm…

“I’ll have a rest day”
“I’ll make up for it and do it twice tomorrow”

Both of those thoughts ran round my head, but in the end I decided that my personal commitment to Febathon was too important to be beaten by laziness (there may be days when I just can’t, but this wasn’t one). So I planked and I did some press ups. It wasn’t much, but it was more than I would have done otherwise… and that to me is the point of the ‘athons.


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