90 down – 1,310 to go

January has been a tough month for me as far as training goes – mainly due to having two weeks almost completely off as I was ill. It forced me to pull out of Janathon and affected my #LETJOG14 distance. However, I’m starting to feel like I’m getting back on track.

The January numbers in detail are:

– Swimming – 22.65kms
– Running – 16.7kms
– Cycling – 21.2kms

Based on the way I count that gives me a total of 89.95kms for the month.

I’m currently nearly 27kms behind the monthly average I need to hit, but that said in the last six days I’ve done the equivalent of over 43kms, so I feel confident that I’ll soon be back on track.

Today’s swim was a great example of how I feel at the moment as I got in the pool and just swam. I didn’t do any sets I decided just to keep going non-stop for an hour. The first 15 minutes or so were tough as I had to talk myself into continuing, but then the laps and the minutes just flew by and I swam well – apart from the 10 lengths I had to swim breaststroke behind someone who wouldn’t let me overtake! I had to get out after an hour, but I could have just kept going no problem – so I’ve looking forward to the 10km swim in a few weeks time.



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