Swimming for charity

Swim 4 LeukaemiaIf you’re anywhere near Sheffield on 1st Feb then sign up for this.

It’s a world record attempt swim in Ponds Forge – they’re trying to swim 100 x 100m in a relay in a world record time.

So, charity, a world record attempt and to be honest it’s very cheap – just £5.95 per ticket. What more could you want?

Well for me, there is the added bonus of it being at Ponds Forge. I’m doing my own swim there in a few weeks time and as I’ve never been before it will be a great chance to scope the place out and get my bearings.

There are still quite a few tickets left, so please do sign up. And if you are coming and you read this blog, let me know and we’ll say hi on the day.

Sign up here – tickets.

– – –

Update – it might look like I’m swimming this – I’m not, I’m just spectating. You should too.


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