Other [fast] swimmers

When oh when am I going to be rich enough to be able to afford my own swimming pool?

Last night’s swim was [almost] ruined by two guys who got into the fast lane and proceeded to just swim over the top of me. They were good, seriously good. But they were also completely oblivious of any other swimmers around them. If I hadn’t stopped to let them past they would have swum into me – on more than one occasion.

My own plans for a swim (3km non-stop) were completely disrupted. At one point I even got out and had a word with a pool attendant to see whether they could police the situation.

The pool quietened down a bit and I managed to get back in and do as much as 2.5km, but it was still only possible by being on my guard for these two guys.

So in the changing rooms I decided to let them know it was me who’d said something – I didn’t want them to think I was hiding behind an attendant and I was keen to hear their reasoning. Unfortunately we then proceeded to have quite a good chat. They are serious swimmers (both having done the channel and numerous other sea crossings) and are training up to swim between the islands in New Zealand for charity. Which means they’ll be in the pool almost every day for the next 12 weeks. So any swim I do will be disrupted by them (even if they do be more considerate as they promised) and my training plan for the next few weeks will be tough to stick to – especially the threshold training.

When oh when am I going to be rich enough to be able to afford my own swimming pool?



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2 responses to “Other [fast] swimmers

  1. I understand completely. But I had a different kind of lane sharing experience yesterday. I was warming up and feeling iffy about the IMs I was going to do for my main set, when my friend Mark walked in, looking for an open lane. I said, “You can share with me!” I thought I wouldn’t have to do the IMs. It’s hard to share lanes when one of you is doing different strokes all the time, especially butterfly. But then, tragedy struck! Another lane opened up, and he moved into it, and I had to do the IMs after all.

    To add insult to injury, another friend named Mark came in while I was doing them and asked if he could share with me. I was resolved that since I had started the set, I was going to finish the set. So I warned him, but he said he’d stay out of my way. Fortunately, before we could hit each other, Mark 2 went to share with Mark 1, and I had my own lane to suffer in.

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