Janathon day 9

I’m feeling a bit better today – still not 100%, but well enough to go to the pool for a very gentle swim this evening.

I did 50 lengths, so 1,250m.

I do have another category to add to the list of bad pool etiquette (see previous lists here, here, here and in fact here – a bit of a bug bear of mine!). This one is the “This is what I always do” – you know the person, the one who always swims the same routine no matter how busy the pool and no matter how many people they are obstructing.

The pool was very busy tonight with a lot of “real” swimmers in the fast lane. As I only wanted a gentle swim anyway I decided to go in the medium lane and do a mixture of breaststroke and crawl. In the medium lane was an older guy that I’ve seen before, but I’ve never paid much attention too (cos I was in the fast lane before). Well, he was doing a little routine of 1 length breaststroke, 1 length front crawl and 1 length backstroke. This would have been fine except for 2 key points:

1 – his backstroke was as slow as an arthritic snail
2 – the medium lane was full (cos the fast lane was so busy) so he kept holding everyone up

Of course he hardly ever let people past and continued to do this annoyingly slow routine for about 30 minutes. Oh well, at least I was only doing a gentle swim.



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4 responses to “Janathon day 9

  1. Aah another reason I don’t hit the pool often

  2. Oh yes that and other swimmers, splashing kids, cold water, dirty changing rooms, chlorine, wet hair and huge appetite afterwards – can u tell I love to swim!

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