Abdominal crunches

One of the great things about Janathon is that the group mentality encourages you to try new exercises in a bid to be active every day in January. I think this qualifies as a new exercise… yesterday I spent all day doing inadvertent abdominal crunches.

Let me explain…

Unfortunately I’ve caught that horrible cold / flu thing that is going around. What is even more annoying is that I had it before Xmas too. Anyway, I swam on Monday morning and had a good day in the office. I left early to do more work from home and by the time I got home I felt awful. And then I felt even worse yesterday. If I didn’t work for myself I would have spent the day in bed (and should have done anyway). But, as I spent most of the day with a wracking cough – one that doubled me up for 30 seconds each time I coughed – I gave my abs a great work out.

Today I’m still pretty rough, but managed a 60-sec plank and 20 press ups this morning. Unfortunately I’ve lost a bit of ground on my #LETJOG14 targets though.

– Janathon day 7 – inadvertent abdominal crunches
– Janathon day 8 – 60-sec plank and 20 press ups


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