Back to swimming

Yesterday morning I was back in my usual territory of the swimming pool for my first swim of the new year. I’d spent the first few days of Janathon and #LETJOG14 running and planking, now it was time for some proper exercise :-).

I did:
– a gentle 200m warm-up.
– a 400m swim. The original intention was to increase the pace every 100m, but I got caught behind some traffic in the lane, so I kept it nice and easy – but I still did it in 7:35. Not so long ago that would have been a great time for me, yesterday it felt slow.
– 20 x 100m at 1:50 with a 10-sec rest between each.
– a 400m cool-down swim.

I started a bit late as I was a bit slow getting up and off and the lane was full of “tourists”, so I didn’t get quite as much done as I thought I might, but still a solid 3km.


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