Planking and Pajamas

I excitedly started January with a run every day (see the evidence here, here and here) as part of Janathon. Other than a couple of kilometres on the treadmill now and again I’ve hardly run since Juneathon, so it was good to have the motivation to start again.

And that was great for three days…

Traditionally the Xmas period ends for us with a big family party at my parents house on the first Saturday of January. We all get together and spend the day eating and drinking, we swap presents and then finish off with a big game of Trivial Pursuit (or similar). There can be about 20 of us most years.

This year half of us gathered on the Friday night, so I had a few drinks and a late night on Friday too. Saturday’s run was always under threat even before my son woke up at 3:45am because he wanted to get into bed with me – but spent the next 45 minutes before he actually fell asleep. So I gave up on Saturday’s run and assumed that my participation in the daily activities of Janathon was over.

However, I checked on Twitter and had a read of a few of the tweets with the #Janathon hashtag. One of them was from who had posted a photo of them planking (see it here). A couple of jokey tweets later and I’d been talked into giving it a go – and posting a photo.

Planking in pajamas

Planking in pajamas

It turns out that actually the planking should be in pajamas, so on Sunday (after another late night and no run) I planked in my pajamas.

So on Saturday and Sunday, instead of doing nothing I did a 60-second plank (70 secs on Sunday) and 20 press ups. It might not be much, but it’s more than nothing and it was all because of the community of Janathon.



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