Earlier this year I joined in with the Juneathon movement. Well, the original concept is Janathon and the idea is simple – you need to run (or do some other form of exercise) every day and then blog about it. Part of the inspiration for it is to help shift some of the turkey and mince pies that we have all packed away of the last few days (me especially).

I didn’t quite manage every day in June (I think I did about 23 out of 30) and I suspect that I won’t manage every day this month either, but it will be a great start to the year and will hopefully see me off to a good start with a good base level of fitness (as well as a great start to getting to John O’Groats).

From what I learnt in June, the trick is not to feel pressured by the expectation to run (or whatever) every day, but instead be inspired to get out there as often as possible. That’s what I intend to do. Wish me luck.

PS – Having read the History page it turns out that the June version is the original and the January one joined the “family” in 2011.



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  1. sounds a good challenge – I should hopefully start 30 day shred tomorrow alongside LETJOG14 (started today!) so I could manage it 🙂

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