Kids or training?

I recently posted about life getting in the way of training sometimes (and specifically for me last weekend when I was a lone-parent for the weekend). One of the comments on that post was from Mike suggesting – and I paraphrase – that a healthy training routine is essentially to give in to those moments – fully commit to spending your time with your child and then as you set off on a rearranged training session you will feel happier and ultimately train better.

Not my family.

That all seems wonderful in theory, and I’m not criticising Mike, but it is also a little simplistic. Mainly because it assumes that the planned training session can be rearranged. What if it can’t? What if it is the training session which you feel will help keep you sane and motivated for the child-care? What is you’ve already had to move other training sessions because of outside pressures and this was the “catch-up” one? All of these things were true for me this weekend.

Of course, it’s not just child-care that can get in the way. For me work does too. And as much as I’m committed to my training goals and the events I’ve entered (or will enter), both family and work have to come first.

Not my office either.

I spent a lot some time creating training plans that are constantly moved, adjusted or just ripped up by outside factors. I’m not sure what else I can do but attend the training sessions I can and try not to get too upset by the ones I miss.

What do you do in this situation?



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8 responses to “Kids or training?

  1. Personally, I treat exercise with as much respect as I treat family and work. I find that once you start ranking exercise, it is bound to be very low on the priority list. I just do it, as if it’s a job, only much more fun!

    • Unfortunately I’m not at that stage yet. Whether it’s that subconsciously I don’t rank exercise very highly, or I am *actually* too busy at times, I’m not sure. But it is ranked for me and exercise always loses.

  2. Mo

    I’ve started taking my kit with me pretty much everywhere I go and if I get a chance to fit in a swim, even if it’s a short one, I will. It might not be the session I was aiming for, but at least it’s something. I didn’t do this over summer. I constantly postponed because family and work got in the way. At the end of summer I felt crap. I’m now feeling much better already 🙂

    • Good idea, although for me it’s more about the times when it is just impossible – no matter whether I had my kit at the ready or not. But maybe I should always wear my trunks and be ready to do a quick change like Superman – SuperSwim!

  3. That is a hard choice my friend. My wife and I decided against children as we realized we did not desire to be parents. This gives me room to train. Even without kids its often hard juggling a full training schedule, work, life (I think I still have one outside of triathlon) and family (wife) as well as all the other nagging responsibilities that pop up.
    My advice is this, please do not take it wrongly, you chose to bring a life(s) into this world and that is your responsibility. You need to figure out how much time you have after that responsibility plus everything else and the maximize the time you have available. Yes, it will involve less training, but instead of missing training you plan for smaller hours and make the most of those realized hours. I recently had to make this suggestion to my brother and his season improved once he reduced his schedule to fit his life.

    This is just my 5cents worth so no upsets my friend. Maybe I gave you something to thing about, hopefully did not make you mad.

    • Hi Chatter, no offense taken at all. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not seriously debating this as my son comes first EVERY time and in so many ways my life is richer because of this. However, there are times when no matter how carefully the training plan is created (and no matter how much consideration you’ve given to outside factors) something comes up and bites you on the ass! I had this a couple of times recently and it was very frustrating – hence the post.

  4. I recently took the decision to get serious about my training, to set some specific triathlon-based goals and to make the time available to do it properly. Of course the old adage is true that work / commitments / stuff expand to fill the time available and things didn’t go smoothly at first.

    Two thoughts
    – Sometimes it all goes to hell – happens to everyone – whether through work, family, other commitments or injury. A combination of all of those conspired last week and I became very demotivated. But you / I have months to go. I wrote the week off, focused on – in my case – the injury and other commitments and have come back this week more motivated than ever
    – I know you’re not a big fan of coaches. Sometimes you just can’t make a session but equally if you’re only accountable to yourself then you’ve only one voice telling you why you shouldn’t hit snooze, miss the last few sets or cut a ride short. Knowing that someone else has put time and effort into planning your training – and that you’re going to have to explain to them why you ducked out of session – really keeps you honest

    Get a coach 😉

  5. when I was training for LeJogLe I was up super early and out on the bike at 4am at times, night rides would start post-bedtime and finish circe 12-1am. I found it to be the only way around it. obviously kids/family do come first, but the further away from the event the smaller the sacrifice – the closer to the event the larger the sacrifice – so that meant not taking them to saturday football or being around every bed time. tricky, and not altogether fun at times!

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