So as I stated when I set this blog up, one of the goals was to complete 1,000kms of training in the year. Well in 2012 I tried, but once I’d completed the big swim in September a combination of illness and lack of desire meant that I ended up about 150kms short.

This year it was never going to happen. Originally because I wanted to train for some different challenges, but then this summer all went to pot with my wife having to be away for most of it to look after her mother – which meant that I hardly did anything.

However, I don’t have those excuses any more. I know that I want to train up for some events next summer (including Windermere again), so I’m starting the challenge again this month. The goal is to complete 1,000kms in the 12 months from October ’13 to the end of September ’14.

So far in October I’ve done 15.85kms (according to my algorithm).

Wish me luck.



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2 responses to “1,000kms

  1. Here was my first 95 km…. LOL – http://cyclingdynamics.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/energy-what-you-eat/

    So keep up us posted with your achievement..because you know you can do this! Just clock off 1km at a time!

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