Speedo Goodies

A few weeks ago I cheekily asked Speedo if I could have some kit to review. Well, being the super amazing brand that it is the social media / blogger engagement / throwing old stuff away from the warehouse team (whichever one it was) actually listened and sent me over some stuff the other day. It arrived over the weekend and I have only had time to open up the package, but this is what I found.

Speedo Goodies

Speedo Goodies

In the collection there is a towel (obviously not just an ordinary towel, a special one of some sort), a pair of trunks, a pair of shorts, a swim hat and a pair of goggles (and again, I’m sure they’re super special).

Over the next few days / weeks I’ll give each one of them a thorough going over and will do a review of them here – I might even be able to explain why the towel and goggles are so super special!

– – –

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid by Speedo for this post, but I did receive the review items for free.



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5 responses to “Speedo Goodies

  1. I should contact Speedo & TYR and try & get them to send me a package like this. Did you just email their Customer Service Dept?

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